At Luceo Asset Management, we believe high quality investment portfolios should be available to everyone, not just the very wealthy, or those with financial knowledge and past investment experience. We’re giving people from all walks of life access to investments made to suit their needs. Below are statements from the CEO of Lighthouse Group and Octopus Investments.

“With Luceo Asset Management, we’re helping people of all ages by deepening the relationship between financial advice and investment management. Octopus has been selected to manage these investments and they are an integral part of this approach.” 

Malcolm Streatfield, CEO – Lighthouse Group


“People need consistency and reliability from their investments. At Octopus we only design products that we believe will do what we say they will. This investment approach has served our investors well down the years.” 

Simon Rogerson, CEO - Octopus.


“Lighthouse financial advice is tailored to deliver results and value. With the Luceo Asset Management funds you can feel comfortable that you’re gaining access to an investment capable of delivering a result that is appropriate for you.”

Malcolm Streatfield, CEO – Lighthouse Group