The Luceo Asset Management Investment Committee has been established to provide an independent oversight over the various counterparties, Octopus Investments as the Investment Adviser and FundRock Partners Limited as the Authorised Corporate Director (which has regulatory responsibility for and administers the Funds), involved in the operation and running of the Luceo Investment Funds.


The Committee has Terms of Reference which have been approved by the Boards of the Company and its immediate parent company, Lighthouse Group plc, under which it will monitor and if appropriate make recommendations about all aspects of the Luceo Investment Funds. The Committee will report direct to the Boards of the Company and of Lighthouse Group plc and it will meet at least quarterly, with the permanent members being joined by regular attendees, including the Investment Adviser and the Authorised Corporate Director.


– Review adherence to fund objectives.
– Review investment performance and outcomes.
– Review operational performance and management of the Luceo Investment Funds.
– Receive and consider reports from the Investment Adviser.
– Receive and consider reports from the Authorised Corporate Director.

The Committee comprises both non-executive and executive members, with the latter not exceeding fifty per cent. The committee currently has two permanent members, one non-executive and one Lighthouse executive, who are as follows:


Mark has over 25 years investment and business management experience, gained at both fund manager and Chief Investment Officer level. In addition, he has undertaken marketing and sales management roles at Managing DIrector and Director level in both institutional and retail management businesses. Currently Mark manages an FCA regulated investment business and is registered as a qualified investment adviser.


With over 25 years’ experience in retail financial services, working for major Life Offices including, Sun Life, Sun Life Financial Associates and Clerical Medical Investment Group, Dan has spent the last 18 years in a number of senior roles within Lighthouse Group PLC. Having held the position of Managing Director for City Trustees (The SIPP and SSAS provider), and Lighthouse Advisory Services Ltd, Dan has gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of advice distribution and is currently the Managing Director of LighthouseWealth Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lighthouse Group plc responsible for the provision of advice to Corporate and HNW Private clients.